GU10 Wall Light

This wall light has been designed to represent a simple and sophisticated form which allows the light to seamlessly be adjusted at any angle to give perfect illuminance to you desired area. Only using a GU10 globe makes this light versatile and always upgradeable for years to come.

Product Specification

  • 240v
  • 6w
  • 465 lm
  • 80
  • 65
  • n/a
  • 90o
  • 180o
Ø 60 x 125mm (D x H)

Product Specification

Colour Order Wattage CCT Trim Colour Lumens Beam Angle CRI
GU10 6w 4000K White 500 lm 38° 80
GU10 9w 4000K White 740 lm 38° 80
GU10 6w 3000K White 465 lm 38° 80
GU10 9w 3000K White 720 lm 38° 80

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