This Oyster is perfect for any type of room, corridor or building eaves. Boasting an IP44 it can be placed into wet areas while still giving suitable light and being water resistant. Excellent to use in all areas to setill keep a modern and contemporary look.

Product Specification

  • 240v
  • 15w
  • 850 lm
  • 80
  • 44
  • n/a
  • n/ao
  • n/ao
Ø 260 x 85mm (D x H)

Product Specification

Colour Order Wattage CCT Trim Colour Lumens Beam Angle CRI
BLOY260WH154 15w 4000K White 950 lm 90° 80
BLOY260WH153 15w 3000K White 850 lm 90° 80
BLOY330WH184 18w 4000K White 1200 lm 90° 80
BLOY330WH183 18w 3000K White 1100 lm 90° 80

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