This LED Wall Light is ideal for both interior and exterior lighting. Its simple and solid lines ensure long design life even through changing trends. This wall light plays with the fixture to bounce off the top and bottom in order to create a playful and interesting effect that is both contemporary yet timeless.

Product Specification

  • 240v
  • 14w
  • 995 lm
  • 80
  • 65
  • n/a
  • n/ao
  • n/ao
Ø 80 x 160 x 122mm (D x H x L)

Product Specification

Colour Order Wattage CCT Trim Colour Lumens Beam Angle CRI
BLWLUD80WH144 14w 4000K White 1000 lm 38° 80
BLWLUD80WH143 14w 3000K White 1000 lm 38° 80
BLWLUD80BLK144 14w 4000K Black 1000 lm 38° 80
BLWLUD80BLK143 14w 3000K Black 995 lm 38° 80

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