Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.1 Why haven't I heard of you before?
Ans. Bellaluce Lighting is a part of a group dedicated to providing alternative LED lighting supply to electrical contractors, builders and developers. Also referred as “third party suppliers”. Our products are generally high quality unbranded which allows our clients to tender for work without the risk of other parties working against them. It is highly possible that you have used or seen our products without realizing where they came from.

Q.2 Do you do street lighting?
Ans. We do supply an approved unit. For parking areas, we do supply high power lights. Normally the responsibility for street lighting resides with local government. There are several guidelines regarding the supply and installation of street light.

Q.3 Do you carry stock?
Ans. Yes! But not everything.
We stock range of samples (small quantity) so that our clients can physically verify, if light fittings serve the purpose for project.

Q.4 Do you do theatre or stage lighting?
Ans. We can and do supply many fittings used in these field, we can supply specialized LED fittings and do lighting designs for theatre lighting. Many universities and school have a prerequisite for basic stage lighting which we can fulfil.

Q.5 What we specialise in?
Ans. Bellaluce Lighting offers “Project based” customized lighting design and products. Our range of products are distributed through hundreds of electrical wholesale and specialist lighting stores throughout Australia.

Q.6 I have to give an extended warranty. How do I know you will still be around?
Ans. We are 23+ year old company with strong foundation and industry connects. Our products are covered (under condition) for Warranty from 1 – 5 years. We can help you with your extended warranty requirements. Please email us on info@bellalucelighting.com.au

Q.7 Can you bring in specialty LED Lighting?
Ans. Maybe!
Depending on the LED Lighting requirement and time availability, we can manufacture and bring in specialized LED Lights.

Q.8 Can you modify fittings for me?
Ans. Yes! Email your requirement to info@bellalucelighting.com.au

Q.9 Are you involved in federal or state Rebate Schemes?
Ans. No!